Even as more people afford to acquire themselves a pair of wheels in Ghana, the industry has been marked with prevalence in con artists. Buyers either opt to pay a one-off sum or pay for their new cars in installments. This has resulted in many being downplayed by scammers masquerading as trustable vehicle sellers. Here are some of the precautions that should be taken for anyone planning to buy a car in Ghana.

There has been a rise in fake websites advertising and ‘selling’ cars. Majority of the population is unaware of which sites are legitimate. These counterfeit websites usually deal with second-hand cars and price them at incredibly low prices. Most of the cars sold in such websites are typically stolen cars. Ensure that any website that you consider buying a car from is legitimate by checking for its past transactions.

Buyers willing to purchase cars on credit terms usually fall for scammers who set up fake automobile companies. Always ensure that the company of interest has a registered address at the Post Office Directory. You should also check for legal registration of the vendor, and their membership to Ghana used Motor Vehicle Sellers.

Make sure to receive the full description and information on the second hand you want to buy. Ask for photographic images of the car in all angles, the plate, and legal documents before making a purchase. Seek advice from people who have purchased and used the particular car model before to get insight on initial cost and probable costs in future.

Payment should only be made after you are in possession of the car. There are many risks of paying upfront such as failure to deliver the car or receiving one that is in bad condition. Similarly, never make a payment over the phone. Make sure to meet the vendor in person and test the car before making a purchase.

Always take caution not to disclose personal financial information such as bank account details to vendors. Unrealistically low prices should still arouse suspicion.  Compare the price quoted for a car with that of other vendors in the market.

Always ensure to record vital information of the vendor such as full official names, ID card number, address and telephone numbers, among other relevant details. A copy of the signed transaction document should be safely kept for future reference.

Refrain from giving consent to vendors who offer to ship a second-hand car for you. This is because most of such cars are usually stolen, and the importation process is illegal. Always give a thought to bad instincts when being offered a car. It is essential to use the best judgment to avoid being conned.