Dr. Nduom, Groupe Ndoum president has revealed a plan to begin operations in maintenance and modification ‘pimping’ of vehicles in Ghana at the automobile center located in Central Regional Capital. Dr. Ndoum said that they have speeded up on working on the physical structure in the capital to enable it to begin operations as soon as possible while speaking to Eezy FM. The center main purpose will be renovating and modifying cars for various purposes.

Ndoum expressed that they had been planning to set up the center for quite some time and that they have foreseen a lot of progress in erecting a physical structure at Elmina in 2017, which is expected to be completed in this year’s first quarter. He further explained that in the auto center, one will be able to modify vehicles, example in a case whereby one would want his or her jeep or pickup stronger enabling it to perform all kinds of purposes and also use it in all kinds of terrains; the center will also be able to carry out maintenance of all types of vehicles. Dr. Ndoum also revealed that the auto hub will be able to assemble all types of vehicles that will serve different but unique purposes for different customers.

Dr. Ndoum is optimistic that this will eventually be the start of coming up with an automobile, assembling them from their center in the USA, Virginia whereby they attach different small parts together. With customization people will be pleased to see vehicles on the roads which are interesting, some large, some with space to sleep, carrying equipment and do other sorts of activities on the road depending on what the consumer wants, also help those who have an interest in selling their own vehicles and need them modified for them to be able to sell easily. He is hopeful that all this will be brought to Elmina auto center whereby people will be trained in carrying such specialized modifications and maintenance.

He also revealed Groupe Ndoum’s plans to engage other companies in the automobile industry in the country by partnering with them in order to pool ideas develop them and idealize them. While urging Ghanaians to make use of innovation opportunities by maximally utilizing their brains so as to come up with viable business ideas that are marketable, he expressed their move to partner up with other companies in the same service industry, a move that will promote a sense of innovation like what u can do improve a product that already is in existence such a saloon car or a pick-up.

The company, Groupe Ndoum which has created various employment opportunities across different industries for youths in the country is a Multinational Family Holding Business with its origin from both Ghana and America with over 60 companies that are independent and spread across various industries serves consumers across three continents with discipline, innovation, and enthusiasm. In their mindset, their limit is the sky in their efforts to revolutionize the world.