One of the fastest growing economies of the world, Ghana is a bustling marketplace for imported vehicles. Vehicles top the list of imports into the country, after refined petroleum.

The demand for vehicles from Dubai and other Middle East countries has seen steady growth in the last few years. However, before attempting to import a used vehicle into Ghana, you should take note of a few things.

Firstly, the age of the vehicle to be imported is of utmost importance. Vehicles older than 10 years are considered to be over aged, for which an over aged penalty rate is applicable. It should be noted that the age of a vehicle is calculated from the year of manufacture, and not from the year of first registration of the car. Therefore, a car manufactured in 2010 and first registered in 2011 is actually 10 years as in 2020 and not 9 years. Over aged penalty tax for private vehicles that are over 10 years old but below 12 years amounts to 5% of CIF value. Those over 12 years but less than 15 years need to pay 20% of CIF value. The tax for cars exceeding 15 years is 50% of CIF value.

Secondly, the tax rates remain the same for damaged or salvaged cars. So, it’s practically useless to import a damaged vehicle unless the deal is super amazing!

Thirdly, be very careful while selecting the car with regards to the steering wheel. The law of Ghana does not permit the importation of right hand steering vehicles into the country unless especially authorized by the appropriate ministry.

Japanese automobiles are extremely popular in Ghana due to their pricing, fuel efficiency, and easy availability of spare parts. Nissan is currently the most popular make with Ghanaian used car buyers, having overtaken Toyota in the past few years. Other popular makes include Mitsubishi, Hyundai, KIA, and Honda, among others.

Asian cars find their way into Africa via the UAE. The UAE is also a hub for many exclusive and luxury vehicles. However, importing a vehicle can be complicated. It involves money, time, effort, a lot of paperwork, clearances, tracking, liaisoning, etc. 

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