From 2017, Uber and the Minister for transports are working together in order to offer an easy and affordable way of transportation for Ghanaian people.

The taxi provider company launched its own operations with success in Accra, the biggest city in Ghana, two years ago. Kumasi is thus the second Ghanaian town where Uber has begun to work in.

It is in August 2017 when Kumasi got the opportunity to benefit from the services of the international technology giant.

As a business hub of almost 2 million people, Kumasi's fast growing population will be able to benefit from a secure, trustworthy and substitute way of transport. All that only by touching a switch!

Uber users will be offered an alternative means to move around, making sure that they can accomplish their daily everyday objectives. It can either be for business people, students or company salaries. Uber is said to provide support to the country’s social and economic goals.

Uber is a highly innovative corporation. The company has to cooperate with the Ghanaian government so as to make sure that the offer remains affordable. It is also a method to develop economic opportunities while improving efficiencies. As one can see with the example of Accra, Uber has offered a pleasant and dependable alternative to current means of transport. What is more, it has contributed to create hundreds of financial opportunities in the country. These are the same opportunities that the taxi company is trying to implement in Kumasi.

Since Uber was launched in Accra in 2016, the company has been continually dealing with policy makers. They want to show how beneficial this technology can be to public transportation. Even if a real change will require time to be noticed, they have to keep operating along with the authorities, in order to meet their goal of technological development and financial opportunities.

The company have assured that the motorist signup process is simple, with an online support offered by Uber team.

How can a driver partner sign up? He or she must have a legal driving license, a vehicle license plate number, as well as an auto insurance. Drivers will undergo a serious screening procedure. They will finally have to complete the Uber training (it can be online). Uber is focused on providing a positive client experience.