Thanks to the presence of health professionals, the drivers have been told the importance of road safety in case of illness such as diabetes and hypertension. This aimed at reducing traffic road crashes in the country. The failing health of drivers like hypertension, diabetes and their complications such as strokes, heart attacks and improved fatigue, really have to be take into account.

The effort was to make commercial drivers aware of the necessity to check their health status before driving to avoid any sudden crashes. As road accident was accounting for more deaths than diseases in the nation, this was crucial. All especially governments had to look closely at this issue and intensify measures to curtail it. Statistics proved that more than 2 thousand people died in road traffic injuries last year. Car crashes is a public health problem and encouraged the motorists to obey road safety rules to prevent any accidents.

This campaign has been organized in collaboration with Vivo Energy.

What is more, certain motorists that resort to self-medication instead of frequent medical check-ups at certified health centres, which increases health danger to them along with the passengers.