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Most vehicle owners in Ghana hardly bother about their vehicles until they have a breakdown. But why wait till you need repairs? A little attention to the needs of your vehicles can ensure that your investment is secured and your vehicles look and run their best. brings you the essential car maintenance checklist that will help you keep your car in top shape and ensure a safer ride.

  1. Keep the exteriors clean: A clean car looks much more inviting than a dirty car, isn’t it? Wash your car on a regular basis to protect it from dust, mud, dirt, and bird droppings. Use a good vehicle cleaning formula and micro fiber towels to avoid damaging the paintwork.
  2. Keep the interiors clean: Wipe and vacuum the interiors regularly to avoid dirt build-up, bad odors, and ugly stains on the upholstery & car seats. Just as personal hygiene is essential for our well being, clean interiors is important and helps provide a better riding experience. 
  3. Wax your car periodically: Waxing your car can help protect the paintjob from harmful UV rays, pollution, grime and dirt build-up. It will make your car shiny and look like new! 
  4. Avoid rash driving: A little care while driving can go a long way in extending the life of your car and keep you from spending on unnecessary repairs and sudden breakdowns. Avoid sudden accelerations, drive slowly and carefully over rough roads, avoid potholes, and do not overload your car.
  5. Pay heed to the tires: Always check the tires before you start driving. Get the tires inflated to manufacturer specified pressure. Underinflated tires can lead to lower mileage and poor handling. Replace worn out tires and get the damaged ones repaired without delay. Always keep a spare tire for emergencies.
  6. Give special attention to the glasses: Ensure that the windshield, the mirrors and the windows are clean before driving. Dirty windows lead to lower visibility and hence can be a safety concern. Get broken or chipped windows/mirrors repaired or replaced without dilly-dallying.
  7. Park in the garage: Parking in a garage saves your car from exterior damage due to acidic things like bird droppings, tree sap, dead bugs, and airborne elements like dust, dirt, and pollen. If you do not have a covered parking, try parking in the shade during the day to prevent exterior damage from sun’s rays and interior damage caused by excessive heat trapped inside. 
  8. Keep the lights working: Always keep the headlights, tail-lights, and indicators clean and functional. Replace faulty or broken bulbs before they cause safety issues, especially during night driving.

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  9. Check the engine oil: Always check the engine oil before going on long road trips. Top-up if required. Get it changed from time to time to flush out abrasive dirt and metal particles that can affect the performance and life of an engine in the longer run.
  10. Check engine air filters: Dirty and clogged filters can lead to improper air flow into the engine leading to lower mileage and seriously low performance. Get the filters checked and replaced whenever required.
  11. Check the fluids: Keep checking the engine fluids from time to time. Top them up when required to keep your car running smoothly. The coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, etc. should always be checked before going on a long road trip.
  12. Check the wipers: Keep the wiper blades clean and check periodically for cracks and other signs of damage. Replace worn out windshield wiper blades that make a squeaking noise, leave streaks on your windshield, or don’t effectively remove water from the windshield. 
  13. Check the brakes, belts and batteries: The braking system of a car should be maintained in top condition always to avoid serious crashes. Batteries and belts should also be inspected and replaced periodically to avoid major breakdowns.
  14. Check spark plug: If the engine misfires or gives trouble while starting, replace the spark plug. A faulty spark plug can also result in high fuel consumption, lack of acceleration and low engine performance.
  15. Schedule routine check-ups: Some routine car care tasks can be done at home. But others need professional equipment and trained technicians. Scheduling regular tune-ups and check-ups can go a long way in preserving your car in good shape.
  16. Look for the warning signs: Most cars nowadays use sensors and indicators to notify about issues that require urgent attention. Read the user manual and get to know the meaning of different indicators on your instrument panel. Get professional help if required.
  17. Lighten up the keychain: Do not add up other keys in the same keychain as your car keys. A heavy load on the ignition key while it’s inserted, can impact your ignition. The weight of multiple keys along with a bouncy ride can lead to quick wear and tear of the ignition switch. 
  18. Avoid filling-up when you see a tanker: If there is a tanker filling the tanks at the gas station, come back another day or simply go to another station. When the underground tanks are filled, the action can stir up sediment, which in turn can choke fuel filters and injectors.
  19. Check wheel alignment: If you find the steering stiff, or feel the car pulling to one side, get the wheel alignment checked. Get the wheels aligned after fitting new tires as well. Improper alignment can shorten the life of tires and also result in poor handling. 
  20. Keep emissions in control: Like most developing countries, Ghana is also facing rapid growth in vehicle use and resultant deterioration of air quality in its main cities. The government has been working towards reducing vehicle emissions and improving air quality. Be a responsible citizen and get your car checked for emissions periodically to maintain the country standards and leave a cleaner environment for future generations. 

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